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  1. Very sociable guy in Pecos, NM bought a saloon with an apartment on 2nd floor. He lives upstairs but the barroom is his living room. Still has the sign on the outside and sometimes a tourist walks in and orders beer.
    Everybody enjoys a nice chat and a cool one, then they find they’re in his living room and don’t know if he expects to be paid…

    I’m human. I sometimes misspeak by accident.
    You’re a Republican. You always lie on purpose.

  2. especially liked the description of the Elk Bar…, “It’s a one-room joint in the ground floor of the old Bovill Hotel, a pile of bricks that looks like it might collapse if you kicked it hard enough.” Stopped in there for a beer once when I was passing through Bovill…, just because I liked the look of the place. And that isn’t the only image in “Out West” that brought back vivid memories. Thanks again.


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