Bad guy database

We all know Big Brother has numerous databases keeping track of anyone of even the most remote interest to the Power Structure.
This information is sometimes (often?) illegally collected, maintained and/or improperly shared. It is generally unavailable to the public, including the targeted groups/persons and minimally verified, with limited openness to being challenged or corrected. Given the current political climate, I don’t see an end to this process.

I wonder if anyone maintains a database of the .1% who control this country and its politics. From a point of view of organizing active protests, it might be useful to know the names, locations, financial, social, political and commercial contacts and environment of these people. They operate in a milieu which excludes 99% us. I think it’s time to put them squarely in eye of the public. They live behind organizational edifices and for the most part are unknown to the wider public. It’s time for that to change.

If anyone knows of such a database or ways to contribute to it I would be very interested. I would also be interested in methods and sources of information.

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  1. Look to the rise of the”human flesh search engine” used so frequently in China to hammer despicable party and SOE officials. Basically, it is anyone who knows anything about a particularly controversial individual contributing that info upwards via the social comms channels. With CHARLIE trying to maintain control over any fixed site of uncomfortable news, the use of a wiki does not fly.. in any case, the Chinese have managed to make life miserable for anyone caught in the cross-hairs of the “human flesh search engine.” While a wiki here is possible, not likely useful as the cass sunsteins of the world will do all they can to corrupt and confuse the info on the wiki to discredit.

    The challenge I cannot offer a solution to is how to get consolidated information on a group that very much wants to not have that information consolidated or distributed into the hands and minds of a large portion of the citizenry. With the major info-tainment media channels pimping for their 0.1% masters, expect nothing but a propaganda barrage from them. Wikileaks could have been an option, but I fear it’s “street cred” has been compromised with the help of the Swedish prosecutor acting as a proxy.

  2. exactly the sort of data I was looking for – tho it will take me a long time to digest.

    Il est dangereux d’avoir raison dans des choses où des hommes accrédités ont tort.
    It is dangerous to be right in matters where established men are wrong.
    – Voltaire

  3. we will find their hiding places and make a list.

    Sexual inequality is “The Mother of all Inequalities”.
    Liberate female sexuality and you will eliminate racism, homophobia, financial greed, and violence.

  4. I don’t think that’s the 0.1% we’re worried about. Even the degenerate playboy scions will be no real problem once we take down daddy.

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