Other Horizons

There are beauties I have seen
over the years and over the years
the beauties cling in memory
like cockleburs, persistent, tiny
and a little bit irritating.

For some, the turn of the year is a time to look back; for others, a time to look forward.
Wherever you look, pay attention.
Beauty is everywhere, often ephemeral, its only permanence our attention and memory.

Courtesy and permission Timothy Allen

Courtesy and permission Betty Gillis


Intertoobz (Vancouver freelance photographer Richard Lam?)


Courtesy and permission Timothy Allen


A Catholic view.

A person deprived of beauty is like a person deprived of love.

Cultures pursue beauty in their own ways knowing that without the experience of beauty, humanity remains sad and woefully incomplete.

Another view.

Beauty opens the door to creativity and wisdom.
…by attending to beauty and enlarging our sense of beauty, we are able to live with greater appreciation, engagement, wonder, and reverence.
Beauty connects us to what is holy.

Art and Beauty

It is through art that we create realities. In many African languages, there is no separate word for Beauty, although objects and artifacts are highly decorated. Beauty does holds the mirror up to who we are and opens the door to the only true escape, what Paul Tillich calls “the fullness of reality”: the escape to the present that we continually create. This is a deeper reality, a meeting of the essential and existential in the real. The distinction between subject and object blurs.

Share the things that bring beauty into your life.

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