New Soap Opera: As The World Burns

We’re calling the tune but it’s future generations and perhaps the species who will pay the piper.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we occupy ourselves with anything which can distract us from the harsh truths we are unwiling to face.

We seem to have our heads stuffed so far up our myths we can’t see daylight.
I never saw a better example of the cliche that “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”.

Chris Hedges at Truthdig.
Like most of his writing, this article is so tightly written I could not extract highlights.
Just read the whole thing. And weep.

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    1. I had seen that article and considered posting about it, but his writing is not as compact as Hedges.
      McPherson hits with a 100 hammer blows, Hedges only a few times, but with a sledgehammer.

      Also think Guy is unduly pessimistic (although being too pessimistic is getting harder and harder to be every day – like getting too cynical).
      I don’t think all life will be destroyed simply because once established, Life is very tenacious.
      Humanity and many ‘higher life forms’ (which may well be an oxymoron) could vanish, but I am skeptical even about that. We’re a pretty resilient species.
      Industrial society is quite likely doomed, with all its attendant empires – and good riddance.

      On one hand, I’d like to live another 60 years just to see what happens. On the other hand, I’m kind of glad I won’t be around another 60 years.
      Just hope my great-grandchildren are.

      1. I agree. While many underestimate man’s impact on society, focusing on one element, carbon dioxide, in this case can be flawed.

        Consider the effect of a gigantic volcanic eruption and the attendant ice age that would result.

        The Mayan Empire perished for similar reasons, but I see blood-lines of the remnant in the faces of my Mexican compadres.

        The scale of this implosion will likely be much larger than any before due to the current size of the population but I expect mankind to survive and also for the planet to heal.

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