Saturday Jukebox – State Of The Union

State Of The Union: Homeless, Hated & Powerless.
While we concern ourselves with abstractions, some people have real problems.

Racism in the Elevator – or anywhere, for that matter.

OTOH, maybe the nation that used to be was kinder – or maybe I was young and naive.
Fuller Brush Man – McMurtry

Originally published on: Jul 19, 2013 @ 22:28

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  1. John Fogerty – “I Saw it on TV”

    But all too soon, we hit the moon, and covered up the sky
    They built their bombs, and aimed their guns, and still I don’t know why
    The dominoes tumbled and big business roared
    Every night at six, they showed the pictures and counted up the score

    I know it’s true, oh so true
    ‘Cause I saw it on TV

    The old man rocks among his dreams, a prisoner of the porch
    “The light”, he says, “At the end of the tunnel was nothin’
    But a burglar’s torch”
    And them that was caught in the Cover are all rich and free
    But they chained my mind to an endless tomb
    When they took my only son from me

    I know it’s true, oh so true
    ‘Cause I saw it on TV
    I know it’s true, oh so true
    ‘Cause I saw it on TV

    1. Really? “One Is the Loneliest Number”? Really???

      And this relates to the theme, State of the Union: Homeless, Hated and Powerless how??

      1. Aaarrrrggghhhh! So close! I had to push it with just one more vid…

        I take “One” to refer to the US being the one essential country, so unbelievably exceptional as to be able to create history as we’d like it to be. This has, however, left us alone on the world stage – our “success” turning us into pariah. It’s very lonely.

      2. I don’t know I have been very lonely since Lady Liberty took a hike 😉

  2. Isn’t it telling that common folk express the best and the worst of America, while the ruling class only expresses the worst.

    I Give Up – Stellar Kart, of all people. Think of the NSA as the beloved.

    We Can’t Make It Here Anymore – McMurtry