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      1. The song was considered subversive in its day. Woody Guthrie owned nothing other than a guitar and a song and would have been a friend to your Lakota friend.

        I agree that white folks stole this land from Indians, but a true record of Native Americans would include numerous wars and conflicts amongst themselves–including wholesale wipeouts of some tribes.

        History is a mess and it’s getting worse, exponentially, (or at least it will be when the next big war takes place with the awful capabilities the world’s superpowers have at hand).

        1. You are right. Nobody lives on land that wasn’t taken away from someone at some time, (possibly excepting the poor natives at the tip of South America, which is so remote and unhospitable no one else want to live there). The much-admired Iroquois stomped all over the adjacent tribes in their heyday and one tribe pushed another which pushed another, etc.

          Some folks still hold a grudge, but as Jim Goad (Redneck Manifesto) remarked, “When did everyone stop hating the Vikings for pillaging and raping?” (Answer: There is still some distrust in Ireland and Scotland of those with Scandinavian heritage).

  1. Nuts. I’m loathe to comment, but, I was in Boise in ’67 when Seeger gave a free concert in the public park by the Boise river. Every right wing radio station (most of all of the stations) was in an anti-communist fervor, frothing, about Seeger’s upcoming concert.
    Their final desperate attempt was to openly state that if “you want to see all of the communists in Boise go to the concert.”
    Well, 6,000 people (including me and my wife) showed up and it was joyful. I’ll never forget it. I’ve loved that man since I was 12 years old (I was 22 at the time) and continue to this day.
    Of course there weren’t 6 communists in Boise, much less 6,000; there weren’t many (if any[I can’t remember]) follow ups to that concert the next day on air.
    It was a resounding success by all measure…

    1. I’m lucky to live near enough to hear Pete and the Clearwater fundraising concerts. He is a national treasure as well as a mentor and educator. Toshi’e death must have hit him hard and I hope all the love and caring he has laid out over the years comes to his support now.

      We generally speak of Karma when we’re talking about some SOB getting his comeuppance, but if any one has good Karma in store, it’s Pete and the late Richie Havens.

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