What if they gave a riot…

Back in the ’60s, one hippie slogan was “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”
Well, what if they gave a riot and everybody came?


While reading an article on Assange’s house arrest, I wondered what would happen if a ‘flash mob’ of several thousand people converged more or less instantaneously at the embassy and overwhelmed the police stationed outside with sheer numbers. My guess is that before reinforcements could arrive and with 20 or 30 cars immediately fleeing the scene in different directions, they could sneak Julian out of the embassy and eventually out of the country.

And yes, some people would end up being arrested, but they’d have a hard time proving any charges more serious than the UK equivalent of disorderly conduct and resisting police. Can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, and that would be a small price to pay for seeing the expressions of the faces of British, Swedish and American officialdom – and freeing Julian Assange.

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