Return of the Chronicler

It gives me a great deal of pleasure, satisfaction and even excitement to announce that The Agonist will soon have a new Editor-In-Chief:

               Sean Paul Kelley

will return on February 15th to lead Agonistas in our ongoing attack against the Forces of Darkness, Greed, Ignorance, Stupidity, Bigotry, Dominionism, Intolerance, American Exceptionalism, Chauvinism, Xenophobia and General WTF.

His Inauguration has been delayed to allow him time to get his personal affairs in order and his schedule adjusted, but I just can’t keep a secret.

Was going to add Hail to the Chief but decided this might better describe what the blogosphere can expect:

Very Large Hail, SPK!

10 Replies to “Return of the Chronicler”

  1. Just Two Conditions SP…,
    Homework comes first…, and your grades don’t suffer 🙂

    As long as those two conditions are met…, Welcome Home !!! Here’s a song for you:

    So I strolled across old Main Street, walked down a flight of stairs
    Stepped into the hall and saw all my friends were there
    The neon sign was flashing “Welcome, come on in!”
    It feels so good feelin’ good again

  2. 14 days to SPK proof the place. And I best get the brick wall rebuild and stock up on ibuprofen.

    Oh, and does that mean the cream and sugar will finally be removed from the coffee bar?

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