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  1. I saw this a triple or so weeks back:

    Saturday Jukebox Open Thread: Starting Over
    By nymole, on February 15th, 2014
    Post ‘em if you got ‘em and editors will embed.
    Any year, any style, any topic, any performer.
    If the terror of the empty page strikes, give us any earworm you’ve wanted out of your head or someone else’s.

    I lost all my ‘html for agonist’ crib notes in a fire recently, so I thought I’d be lazy and just post links for the songs I submitted. Well, they didn’t embed, so I’m going to try the links again with the full web syntax and see if they do better.
    Same songs, second verse

  2. Well Steeleweed…, Willie’s “On the Road Again” ain’t bad…,

    but I think that maybe Sean Paul could use a little more hard drivin’ tempo…, seeins he has a long road ahead 🙂 So…, without further ado…, here’s a REO Speedwagon version of a similarly titled song.

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