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Regular visitors will have noticed recent changes to this site. Some were aimed at improving performance, some at providing additional functionality. The most recent changes add more functions, provide a consistent method of navigating the site and improve the appearance.

Old habits die hard and we expect the new site will taking some getting used to. Part of the problem is that the ads on top and to the right take up a lot of ‘real estate’, which limits our options. We will continue to work on functions and cosmetics. If you have suggestions, comments are welcome and the Contact Page proves a means of communicating privately, as does the new Messages Page.

Search has been moved to the upper right of the header image.

Meta has been moved to the right sidebar top.

Who’s Online is right sidebar bottom.

All navigation is now through the Menu bar above the header image.

About – Blub on our history & goals; the Masthead.
Contact – Allows anyone to contact us
Newswire – Newswire thread
Diaries – Diaries thread
Recent Posts – 20 most Recent Posts
Recent Comments – 20 most recent Comments
Authors – Search for posts by particular author
Archives – Dropdown list by month
Blogrolls – Links to worthy blogs, international newspapers, etc.
Random – Links to 10 random posts – for those interested in our past
MessagesNew – Private member-to-member internal mail
Featured – Links to particularly significant posts/series

And for those of you promised a pony…

20 Replies to “Agonist 2014”

  1. There will likely be plenty of pissing and moaning, so I’ll refrain. Change may be good, but it’s not always easy. As a humble writer, I’ll offer my thanks to those who devote their time, energy, and brain cells to doing the Lord’s work…or whatever it is that’s being done to improve The Agonist. Having been part of this endeavor for awhile, I’ve seen more than my share of changes. This, too, shall pass. 😉

    Party on, Garth….

    1. hey, visit the contact page to send a private note to Steeleweed if something keeps bothering you about the change, once it settles in a bit. You post here.

  2. This is the first time, in years and years of changes, upgrades and major overhauls, that I’ve got nothing to complain about. It all seems to be a very significant improvement.

    Nice job, you guys.

    1. Actually , one reason that Socrates accepted his death sentence was in order to avoid the “rigors of old age”.
      In many cases, like the banner, though, it’s best to leave the party in good time.

      The last time we discussed Socrates and the banner,
      you may recall, was here, which led to some funny bits indeed, but no conclusion.

      There is a connection between the old and new banners, though. Graham dug up a great quote:
      “If Socrates still exists anywhere in this world even in this era – it is here in Ladakh,” from

        1. for now on the photograph I would say make it a post- since you have the privileges and no doubt want to size it yourself.

          There are a few avatars working: Graham, Steeleweed, and I saw one other- which may be because they were used on another WordPress site, or for some other mysterious reason. It isn’t just a gmail address.

          I’m referring general site questions like yours to Steeleweed.

        2. Re photos:
          For a Post, you can first upload a photo, then use the Media tool to insert it in a post. However, for a comment, there is no Media tool, so all you can do is provide a link to it via the Link tool or code the HTML to insert it.
          For example: <img src=”http:// location of photo”>.

          Re Avatars:
          You can go to Gravatar and create an avatar from an appropriate picture, tying it to the email address you have in our database. That avatar will display on your comments. (For some reason, it doesn’t display on Posts). I deliberately removed it from Who’s Online because it looked weird to have blank squares for those without avatars.

          1. I checked out Gravatar but I’m told that the image I choose will follow me from site to site. I hate being followed around by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. What happened to anonymity?

            I’ll have to think about it.

    1. Thanks for the link.

      When we pulled out BuddyPress, we lost their Who’s Online widget and I spent a lot of time installing & testing replacements, including a couple with geo-location. I ultimately rejected all of them because they showed visitor counts (and locations) but did not identify visitors by name and did not distinguish between logged-in members and drive-by visitors. I wanted one which showed only logged-in members and show the names. The plugin I’m using is the only one I found – and I had to tweak it significantly.

      I will look into RevolverMaps and see how we might use it here. I like geo-location.
      Do you know any sites that use it?

          1. There isn’t a Who’s on Line at Timbuk 3 just RM. Sorry I can’t help more but I have no back ground in any software other Energy Management and that’s weak

            When your not busy, here some fun maps to play with you do have to join the last 2 but they’re free.

            Fun Maps

   Free shows were all commercial fights are, real time.

            This is every satellite in the sky it’s real time so let it load. It’s free, if you go to What’s Up? Then to see them on a map it takes your IP address shows what over head.

            Ships at sea, you can check on were your yacht is;) It’s free and it’s real time


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