Dust Has Settled

    The site changes have been in effect for a week, with minor tinkering here and there.
If there are questions not addressed in Rules or FAQ, comment here or via Contact or Messages.

    Beyond that, now that we’ve all had a chance to get used to it, please feel free to suggest any additions or improvements you would like to see to content or functionality.


6 Replies to “Dust Has Settled”

  1. The site is very attractive. I like all the white space & the masthead (picture at top). Also like the menu bar across the top. Clicked on & read almost all of them–they load quickly and work very smoothly with good information.
    You-all can be very proud of the results of obviously extremely much work.
    Thanks to all who have kept the site going. Wish I had interesting things to post, but mostly just enjoy learning from everyone.

  2. You mean you don’t want a Wild Russian Bride? What kind of wet blanket are you? 😀

    I use FF with Flash set to ‘ask me’ so it never opens Flash ads unless I enable it, which I sometimes do for videos.
    For other ads, I just tune them out, although there are ad-blocker add-ons for most every browser, certainly for FF.

    1. Thankfully, my computer boy is coming tomorrow so he’ll fix it all for me. I’ll have him look at your comment ’cause I aint go no clue. I look after dying people, not computers.

  3. Oh fuck, as soon as I posted this comment I was forced to look at another ad showing a hypersexualized woman suggesting I “Pick Up Wild Russian Brides Online”.

    Where can I find peace?

  4. The toolbar at the top is very effective. The transition was smooth. The site looks great.
    Congratulation, steeleweed for a job well done.

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