Stirling Newberry is back

and posting at Ian Welsh’s blog.

It is very encouraging to see Stirling active again. We have missed his passion for truth and insightful analysis.

Today about 10% of the population calls the shots: primary voters, because primaries are the real elections. This is as those in power wanted it: just enough people to thwart any attempt to stampede the election, but little more than that.
There is another side to story, often commented upon, but not paid enough attention to. What our leaders give is the power to lord it over others
But the game is changing, because the oligarchs are turning on each other.
The world is awash in monstrous people treating other people monstrously; and the pace of nations being destroyed is picking up. The choice is no longer Democrat or Republican, progressive or conservative: the choice is human or not.

In a world submerged in bad news, Stirling’s recovery is a very welcome bit of good news.

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