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  1. I don’t think I would call the editors super-busy right now:-)
    unless you have a certain level of authorization, this site does not allow you to successfully post the embed html- so that is why we do it for you.

    it is just a good idea to scan a video before you post it- sometimes- in news videos- especially – the material has been changed or truncated, sometimes some idiot has added gross pictures,and sometimes someone has added a better version. That was just my two cents.

    THE END ( It’s almost time for the next Jukebox:-))

  2. Otra vez, I didn’t mean to post an advertisement video. I had watched that video many times, and it had not previously been an advertisement, but just a video of mariachis at a club with the enthusiastic crowd responding to the music with their gritos, whistles, and applause. That band’s version of Son de la Negra just happened to be the version I liked best. Mariachi Vargas plays it too.
    If you want, the video could be deleted, if you want. I don’t want to violate any Agonist standards. I just like music.
    I’m very sorry that I posted that video. It won’t happen again. So Sorry

  3. My reason for saying that I might not post is that I seem to cause unusual problems for the editors. When I posted my original comments, I had done the actual share-embed-copy-paste process that Steeleweed described, but got no results. So I figure that if I don’t post, the super busy editors have less problems. I very much appreciated all the trouble SW went to to clear up what seemed to me to be some sort of software glitch.
    But, that having been said, I always want to give mention to songs that I like that fit the category of the week, so I’ll probably be back, trying again.

    The video of Son de la Negra that I posted didn’t used to have ads, nor had it been an ad itself…So I just posted it because I’ve watched it a lot, and like that band’s playing of the son (editor:yes, I mean son, not song) more than the version by Mariachi Vargas.
    When I replayed it later last night, I was horrified to see that I had posted an ad. I’ll be more careful next time, even with videos that I watch frequently.

    1. It’s hard to find quality videos with no advertising – most such are amateur video. I don’t mind one where you can ‘skip ad’ after five seconds, but if the ad runs longer, I won’t post the video.

      1. Muchisimas gracias.
        Thanks so much. That’s so wonderful that you took all that time and read my comments so carefully. I really appreciate the effort you went to.
        Many thanks.
        In the future, I will just enter the address from the address bar, or not post at all.
        Many thanks again for all the time you spent.

        As Cinco de Mayo winds down here in South Texas, here is one more song. It’s Son de la Negra, which is known as the Mariachi Anthem, or the Second National Anthem of Mexico. Each Mariachi performance begins with this song, and as the Mariachis walk in, playing this song, great excitement and happiness takes place, and all begin clapping and smiling.
        Son de la Negra, by Mariachi Sol de Mexico

        1. ah, c’mon, no thoughts of not posting on Jukebox !

          It ‘s one thread that we don’t have to get right in a hurry!!!!

          Ads for specific places can get a bit dubious, though, so it’s best to avoid ones with imbedded ads where other versions are available.

      1. Post the links to the videos and I can embed them – all you gave was names that I searched for.
        There are some Youtube videos with Embed disabled, but usually it’s a matter og getting the syntax right.

        1. Edit my changes to your comment to see the source code.
          I stripped out your [left bracket] [right bracket].
          Have no idea where they are coming from.

          On Youtube: Click SHARE & click EMBED – will highlight the Embed code.
          Copy to clipboard via CTL+C (in Windows). Paste in your comment.

  4. Amor Eterno
    Composed by Juan Gabriel
    Sung by Rocio Durcal

    Some Mariachi and other Mexican and Tejano songs
    Canciones de mi Padre

    Linda Ronstadt – Concert at induction into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    Ruben Fuentes, Bandleader/Musical Director/Arranger

    1. I don’t understand…neither of these videos are the versions originally entered.
      The Rocio Durcal video posted on Agonist would not play when previewed. That’s the reason for the one chosen.
      Agonist posted 7QuXKirNX3I .
      The original post was eqqmEMZYmLg .
      The Linda Ronstadt video is not the concert from her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert.
      Agonist posted 93ErqysWqaM .
      The original post was YCcqhifBLeE .
      The videos were selected based on sound quality, not the photos that accompany them.
      Also, I should have inserted target=”_blank” I guess, because the Ronstadt video was so long.
      If an editor has time, can she/he let me know why the changes?


    Oh, why not?
    1. the late Richie Valens, La Bamba

    The” before” and “after” clips(probably from American Bandstand) were made separately.

    The music in the middle is from the Richie Valens record.
    2. Molotov, “Gimme tha Power”


    A less noirish concert version, in Russia:
    3. the late Chavela Vargas, “Volver, Volver”

  6. Euphoric memories.


    Love this comment:

    I miss her so much sometimes… I remember her concert in Bucharest in 2004, and all of a sudden she said something like: “Ok, now I need a beer”, and she just let the instruments play for a while, and sat on a chair in the dark and drank a beer and smoked a cigarette 🙂 loved her for it

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