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  1. I can’t say I know much about the tune, but it sounds to me like someone with the IRA warning a close friend of his who works for the British army that there will be some kind of attack that could kill him. I didn’t know the other tune, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a direct allusion.

  2. I went looking for this one because, although totally obvious given the title of the thread, the lyrics were also dead-on appropriate. I didn’t know they had actually made an anti-war video of it though.

    Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young – Deja Vu

    1. Thanks Martin – Raja chose this same song in a subtle aside in the first thread:-) , if you labored through loading it – but not the same video.

      “(Bonus: CSNY – Déjà Vu)”
      I’ve put them both here so people can have them in the same place..

        1. Martin: interesting song, question….

          “taking a king’s shilling”

          “I ve never heard your Costello song before-he is singing it in Dublin, so I guess it’s about the IRA? versus an Irishman who joins up for” any Kings’s” shilling in WWI or II and after….

          Do you think it is Costelloi’s riff on the Scottish “The King’s Shilling”, which is deja vu in a more straightforward fight for King and money and probable death in an earlier time but with a similar melody?

          Ian Sinclair’s The King’s Shilling

  3. RadioHead : Four Minute Warning
    without any of the competing doomsday videos.

    Don’t know what’s going to happen with the proposed indie purge on YouTube though.

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