7 Replies to “Jukebox: America – for better or worse”

  1. I will lean more towards the allegorical:

    Here is one of Styx’s best and least-appreciated efforts – Suite Madame Blue – which if you listen to lyrics closely, is really about America. When the raw electric guitar comes in with the power chord riff at about 5:10, it always just blows me away…..


  2. Born on the fourth of July (or for many years he and everyone else thought he was),
    Louis Armstrong: jazz from birth to bop.

    1. Louis Armstrong: Saint James Infirmary(1928)

    2. Louis Armstrong:Dinah (1933)
    his first film clip- from Copenhagen

    3. Ella and Louis (54 min. audio)
    an album worth sampling, if you haven’t already.

    4 . Armstrong in Berlin: Black and Blue(1965)

    5. Armstrong Bell Telephone Hour bio/interview (1968)


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