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  1. Here’s a strange take on Frank Sinatra. Actually, it doesn’t remind me of Frankie at all, but I like these guys. They’ve got a good sound based on contemporary Gamelan and a lot of 20th century percussion music, but they stay tuneful and usually groove.

    Electric Junkyard Gamelan: I, Frank Sinatra.


  2. So if you’re walking past the bargain bin and you see an album for $3 called “The Manson Family: An Opera”, are you supposed to *not* buy it? Mostly, it doesn’t work, but his take on how the Beatles sound to tripped out psychopaths is kinda interesting and funny.

    John Moran: The Manson Family: An Opera. Good Morning, it’s the Beatles


    1. Egad! I hadn’t thought of Spike Jones in 60 years!
      Thank you.

      I once heard TT perform (if one could call it that) in Greenwich Village, early ’60s.
      One of the reasons he’s so weird is that he played the ukulele left-handed but it’s strung for right-handing playing.


    let’s not leave it all to the testosterone:-)

    Overly attached girlfriend song


    He meant it to be a sexy solo when they were a couple, but it’s a little …weird

    “It’s all right with me” – Frank Sinatra, in good voice , and Juliet Prowse,
    with no voice and no opportunity to dance, either.


    Later in her career, with Dean Martin in a goofy number, Prowse does get to play funny.


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