Weekend Jukebox: Scotland

With the vote over independence coming up in Scotland next week…

Roy Williamson (Corries) wrote what may become the Scots anthem.

Another anthem contender.

Mayhem and glory, the story of Scotland.
Massacre of Glencoe – The Corries
Ghosts of Culloden – Isla Grant
Scotland The Brave reminds us Scotland’s bravery mostly served GB instead of Scotland.

And of course…
and more nostalgia.

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  1. As a folk song has origins but not boundaries, we hope:

    Two famous Scots songs performed by (yikes) Americans- who slow the songs down a bit and English who don’t:

    1. Perhaps the oldest of all: “Tam Lin”

    The gold standard is still
    Fairport Convention;

    lyrics: http://www.tam-lin.org/versions/fair.html

    A reworking,quite lovely I think, is by Americans’
    Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer

    2. Robert Burns: “My Love is like a red red rose”:

    The late Eva Cassidy’s version:

    the English singer June Tabor’s version:

  2. Another by Kenneth McKellar
    Leaving Lismore

      Much is made of the Irishman’s longing to return home, but the feeling was equally strong among many Scots.

      McKellar once released an album of Irish songs, on the theory that the Scots and Irish were but a stone’s throw apart, as they’d proved by throwing stones at each other for centuries.

      Let this Irish tune, then, serve for all who long to return.
    Welcome Poor Paddy Home
    [sc_embed_player fileurl="http://www.raylsaunders.com/Paddy.mp3"]

    (More info on this song)

    Time to have a little provocation with this- here’s a song about how the North (of England), once sooty, dark landcape will rise again- perhaps the Scots will give them a push……..
    KLF, (JAMS) it’s grim up north


    Phil Beer with a great version o f “Blow Boys, Blow”
    a sea shanty from the Southern edge of GB way out on its own, from the Yankee clipper days.

    Caribbean and German disco versions as well as “The Empire strikes back” bonus ….:-)

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