37 Replies to “Weekend Jukebox: Dealing with a**holes”

  1. One more: An obscure lady singer dealing with some kinda…well, you know…

    Half Way Home – Come On Come On

    Sorry for the non-video video, but these folks really are obscure!

    Now I’m off to escape the a**holes and go for a hike in the mountains with my lovely anti-a**hole wife. Cheers, all!!!

        1. It’s a response to your last sentence. It came across to me as if you were boasting about your own “non-assholy” situation as if you were saying: “I’m alright, Jack”. I’m fortunate to be in a “non-assholy” situation too, at a time when everything around me (in the larger world) is falling apart. It’s people like us that have a responsibility to care about and work towards achieving a “non-assholy” situation for others. That’s why I don’t boast.

          But, I could be wrong about your intentions, of course … I’ve been wrong many times before.

          1. Uh…yeah. I have no illusions about my own f#(<ed-up-edness. My wife, however, lives on a pedestal from my point of view!

    1. Tracy Chapman is a gem.

      All you folks think you run my life
      Say I should be willing to comprimise
      I say all you demons go back to hell
      I’ll save my soul save myself

      From “Crossroad

  2. You Knew There Would Be a Little Story…,

    behind this selection…, didn’t you? When Julie and I saw Tom Russell at the Treehouse Cafe…, we picked up Gretchen Peters’ “One to the Heart…, One to the Head” CD because there were several duets with Tom on it. Not on the title track…, and I couldn’t find a video of Gretchen doing it. Maybe the gal performing the song here, is the one who wrote it.


    I am glad Gretchen didn’t write it…, and I can’t leave you with that picture of her…, too much of a show stopper. This one is off the CD too. One of my favorite cuts…., and a nice little slide show to go along with it.


    1. I Cannot Believe…,

      that “Coast of Texas” has only 11 Thumbs Up on U-Tube. The World may as well all come tumbling down…, if we don’t have better music appreciation than that 🙁

      1. we can count on that from our loyal commenters- plus of course there are plenty of bosses, politicians, and other connections that deserve the label….


        1. but there is one sub-speciality that Tom Waits has written a number
          of songs about- the sensitive a-hole, who keeps you second-guessing yourself (“if only I”) for their having left you:-)
          This very short, delicate, beautiful song, for example:

          Tom Waits: “If I have to go”

          Then you think, What? wait a minute 🙂

  3. That’s a great song by Martha Wainwright. She will, no doubt, never be mainstream. Female singers are tightly packaged by our culture. Great singers such as Fiona Apple, Alanis Morissette, Anouk and many others have been subjected to record company bullying over creative differences. For that reason, Dutch artist Anouk, never made it in the US. She told the American music industry bros, who demanded she “tone it down” a bit, to fuck off and went home. She is loved in Europe.

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