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  1. My mother and my oldest sister (only 61) both died from complications arising from Alzheimer’s so I am extremely sympathetic to anyone or their loved ones who suffer from this horrible disease. That said, Glen Campbell was a not very bright, right-wing tool, even when he was lucid. I think most of the songs he popularized were also written by other people (e.g. Gentle On Mind by the brilliant John Hartford).

    In any case, I don’t wish the disease on anyone. Here is an interesting video of Campbell covering Green Day’s Good Riddance:


  2. My Mother had Alzheimer’s.

    When she was institutionalized there were no lights on in the Attic, and she recognized none of us.

    1. “Campbell has been moved to 24-hour care, as his doctors have determined that he is in the sixth stage of Alzheimer’s (‘severe cognitive decline’).”

      The video is touching; probably painful for some to watch.

      1. Oh My Gosh Steeleweed…,
        oh my gosh. Yeah…, Mom and I used to watch Glen on one of those old black and white country music shows and say…, “Why isn’t he a star?” It wasn’t that many years later that we were watching him on his own TV show in prime time. I wish we could watch this one together.

        “Close to the end I made it to Weippe for a few days and when the time came to tell her I had to get back home to Forks, she said, “I think I’ll just stay here.” I must have given her a funny look, because she asked, “Where are we?” I told her we were at The Ranch in Weippe. She laughed and said, “Shoot…, I thought we were in Hawaii.” I like to think that the Alzheimer’s made her forget what I told her…, and she stayed in Hawaii.”


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