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  1. For curses, The Devil came down to earth, looked around, returned home, threw a big banquet, and said in his after dinner speech, “Things are fine.” Men entertain themselves like idiots at the dangerous game of war. Idealistic boys put bombs on the tracks. They treat the brave like lunatics and the poets like fools. All the bastards get their photos in the newspapers. The decent people are hurt and the dishonest ones laugh. Things are fine.

    And for beauty being a blessing . . . .

  2. Good idea, steeleweed! I think this song may be the most inspiring and hopeful song ever written about the clash between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Check out these lyrics:

    And there will be no barricades then,
    There will be no wire or walls.
    And we’ll wash all this blood from our hands,
    And all this hatred from our souls.
    And I believe that one fine day,
    All the children of Abraham,
    Will lay down their swords forever in Jerusalem


    Steve Earle – Jerusalem

  3. Stromae’s French-language take 2010 on the new millenium.

    “It’s not about saying that everything’s going badly, because that’s not what I say in my songs. But it’s not about saying everything’s fine, either. It’s life.” ( NYT interview)

    Stromae – Alors on danse

    “alors on marche” as well

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