Agonist 2015

   As you have undoubtedly observed, The Agonist’s new look has arrived.

   One of the features of this theme is that an author’s profile is displayed on a post. If you have no content in your profile (as is the usual case), nothing displays. I added to my profile as an experiment. If you have info you want to display with your ‘byline’, just edit your profile ‘Biographical Info’ section.

   You will also notice Social Media buttons to the left of posts. This will make it easier for me to post Status on our Agonist Facebook Page and allow anyone to notify any of several Social Media sites. If you see a post you like, be sociable.

15 Replies to “Agonist 2015”

  1. I’ll Give It A Thumbs Up…,

    but a few thumbnail pictures might spice it up without bogging things down. I know there were some issues with using copyrighted images in the past though. Carry on and stay strong.

  2. I think the current term for the look would be “classic” remembering the days when enough people were on dial-up that you couldn’t do a lot of digital frou-frou. I don’t mind either way.

  3. I don’t do mobile. I know it’s the big thing, but I don’t want to play. As a consequence, I register a dissenting vote on the appearance. What is clean to some looks too flat and cartoony to me. But I don’t come for the appearance, I come for the content. I am all in favor of that!

    1. For the non Australian:


      Definition of schmick in English:

      Australian informal
      Smart or stylish: the new white, blue, and orange colour schemes are very schmick.

      I do wonder why the “the” was dropped from “The Agonist”. It’s not very English.

        1. now, however, the graphics of the” thoughtful.. etc “. line look a little muddy.
          I don’t remember how they spaced it originally when they had the “the”
          Oh well……

    1. For Sure and I thought I had made a mistake on my clicking thingy but nope. I do like it and I’ll try it on the phoney thingy later to day.

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