The Ultimate Cocklebur

   When I was a teenager, I came into possession of a large amount of booze. (It’s a long story). I kept a bottle in my school locker and used to take a nip between classes – more to cock a snook at Authority than because I really wanted a drink. I used to lie in bed at night with an 8oz tumbler full of whiskey and read, listen to country radio until about 4am as I sipped my booze.

   While on a camping trip, I found myself unable to fall asleep. This was very odd, as normally I could lie down on a pile of rocks in -20° weather and be asleep in minutes. I said to myself, “Damn, I wish I had a glass of bourbon right now”. Fortunately, I not only talked to myself, I listened to myself – and it scared the hell out of me. When I got home, I got rid of all the booze and didn’t touch so much as a beer for the next 2 years, even the 3.2% Coors. The handwriting on the wall, etc…

   Fast-forward 60+ years:
We had about 2 inches of snow overnight, followed by freezing rain. When I got up this morning, I started the long process of digging out, and the heavy, wet slush is a pain to shovel. I cleared the back porch so the dogs could get out and the front steps so I could get out, then decided to take a break before clearing off the car and digging out around it.

   Making my coffee, I realized I resented  having to deal with the snow and I was impatient to get it cleared up so I could get back to the ‘real world’ – Online.

   I have a lot of things offline to deal with in the near future and it occurs to me I have procrastinated because it’s so damned easy to park myself in front of my computers and read/chat/play. Being a sometimes-writer, I’ll always have a computer and much of my dealing with the ‘outside world’ is mediated by the Internet simply because that’s how businesses do business these days.

   But from now on, my Internet is simply another tool. It starts today.

   Hasta la vista, baby – but leave the light on.

2 Replies to “The Ultimate Cocklebur”

  1. Coors does make a 6% beer but they also made a 3.2%. Even the 6% is light, so you had to drink a pitcher of 3.2% to get anything. Remember Gablingers Beer? Carb-free, and since aside from water & alcohol, the rest of beer is all carb, it was like drinking a mouthful of air.

  2. Ya Rang Some Bells There Partner…,
    and I don’t mind long stories…, do tell 🙂 And I always thought Coors was a 6% beer. Back in Idaho it was sold in the bars as an “Eastern” beer…, and significantly (for us teenagers) more expensive than “Wester” beers like Lucky, Olympia and Rainer. And I swear that we would scape together pennies to get a six pack of Coors…., because it produced a better buzz. Oh…, and an old competitor on the ball diamond explained that “writer” thing for me with a quote from Orwell…, and it goes a ways toward explaining the demise of the blogs…, <a href="“> Why ITweet by James McPherson. I been meaning to comment on the piece there…, but…, I think this Hamm’s is an Eastern beer !!!

    Right on partner…, write on.

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