7 Replies to “Jukebox: Other sides to life”

    1. …, Or Maybe…,
      Tom Russell – California Snow

      Man, the things I’ve seen up here
      Make me think about my life
      I might go back to Riverside
      Try to fix things with my wife
      Or maybe I’ll get in the truck
      And drive as far as I can go
      Away from all these ghosts
      That haunt the California Snow.

      1. Sometimes You Just…,
        can’t keep the wolves at bay.

        Josh Ritter – Wolves

        I still don’t know how they found me
        I’ll never quite how
        I still can’t believe they heard me
        Was I howling out that loud?

  1. a fair amount of heavy emotion in four “midsummer night dreams”
    until Ray clears it all up and out

    Greg Holden: Kissing Boys in the Street

    Tracy Chapman: Give Me One Reason to Stay Here

    Nanci Griffith: Tecumseh Valley
    (at Townes Van Zandt tribute)

    Leonard Cohen: Famous Blue Raincoat

    Ray Charles: Mess Around

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