Turkey Day?

A couple of us Agonistas solicited Sean Paul Kelley’s views on the current brouhaha involving Turkey and Syria. Having recently returned from Istanbul – a city and culture he knows well – and with his familiarity with the peoples and history of the area, he was kind enough to enlighten us with the following:

  This last election, just two weeks behind us now, more or less, proves the following: The AKP has firmly consolidated its power in Turkey in the political realm, the media, the military, the ministries and the provinces. They have swept the board, run the table, pick you metaphor. They’ve won. Continue reading

Ruminating Again

  Just to get it out of the way, my thoughts on this ‘holiday’ haven’t changed since my earlier post. All the spin and political soundbites, the one-day sales and commercials, the war-mongering and propaganda have buried the truth, along with what little decency we had as a nation. The unfashionable virtues of humanity and love, of fellow-feeling and compassion, of peace and good will now only exist on the personal level. Americans as individuals (or at least most of them, including some we all recognize as assholes politically) are generally more caring than their government, even if they loudly support a draconian regime. Continue reading

Wenn Man

Wenn man ein Wunder sehen wuerde,
muss man ein Wunder sein.
Aber die Seele is nicht zu gut;
der Kopf is viel zu klein.
Gehst du so froelich durch die Welt,
wirst du zum Ende kommen.
An jeder Stadt ist Tod gestellt.
So is dein Leben genommen.

Ach, vergangane Liebe

Ach, vergangene Liebe,
im Regen stehst du noch,
und ich muss ja errinnen
Leid un Lieder doch.
Heute weiss ich nichts welche
schoener am Herzen war.
Ich weiss nur dass die beide
verwunden mich sogar.
Aber eine ohne andere,
waere Heute ohne Morgen,
erhalte ich zusammen
die Freude und das Sorgen.

Brooklyn Heights in Spring

Amazed at the variety
of people every
What most attracts, surprises and disgusts me
is that each thinks
he has
the Secret,
knows best how
to live
The women are pursuing themselves
as time permits, as times permit,
for their lives are complicated
by the men. The women put up with them.
It uses most of their energy,
putting up with the men.


It is pleasant to see
the poet/letter-writer/whateversheis
as she looks up from the paper,
smile as she glances at the others
or at some private thought
or because she feels like it.
She has a nice
I’m jealous because I didn’t invoke it.
Maybe I did. Maybe
she smiled at the sight of me.
And maybe
she just smiled.
It suffices. Today
is not a total waste.