Not Facebook

   First we had bulletin boards, followed by open forums which soon evolved into subject-specific forums. Then we had blogging 1.0, which sometimes morphed into group blogs – Blogging 2.0 -usually with wide-ranging content, . Then Corporate America decided to monetize the work of bloggers and techies got a piece of the pie adding unnecessary bells and whistles to give us Blogging 3.0. Since no one could figure out what Blogging 4.0 should look like, we gave up and Social Media Media arrived, demonstrating a serious misunderstanding of the meaning of “social”. We find ourselves saddled with Twitter, which I’ve never had much use for and Facebook, which is becoming increasingly toxic on many levels and whose business model and corporate practices are getting downright repulsive. .

   I do, however, enjoy and benefit from contact with others. Therefore, I have established this post to provide an open comment thread to share information and observations.

   You may comment here by providing a name/email address. The email address will NOT be publicly displayed and comments will be moderated to preclude spammers.

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