Author: steeleweed

Wenn Man

Wenn man ein Wunder sehen wuerde,
muss man ein Wunder sein.
Aber die Seele is nicht zu gut;
der Kopf is viel zu klein.
Gehst du so froelich durch die Welt,
wirst du zum Ende kommen.
An jeder Stadt ist Tod gestellt.
So is dein Leben genommen.

Ach, vergangane Liebe

Ach, vergangene Liebe,
im Regen stehst du noch,
und ich muss ja errinnen
Leid un Lieder doch.
Heute weiss ich nichts welche
schoener am Herzen war.
Ich weiss nur dass die beide
verwunden mich sogar.
Aber eine ohne andere,
waere Heute ohne Morgen,
erhalte ich zusammen
die Freude und das Sorgen.

Brooklyn Heights in Spring

Amazed at the variety
of people every
What most attracts, surprises and disgusts me
is that each thinks
he has
the Secret,
knows best how
to live
The women are pursuing themselves
as time permits, as times permit,
for their lives are complicated
by the men. The women put up with them.
It uses most of their energy,
putting up with the men.


It is pleasant to see
the poet/letter-writer/whateversheis
as she looks up from the paper,
smile as she glances at the others
or at some private thought
or because she feels like it.
She has a nice
I’m jealous because I didn’t invoke it.
Maybe I did. Maybe
she smiled at the sight of me.
And maybe
she just smiled.
It suffices. Today
is not a total waste.

Sorting through

Sorting through the collection of our lives
having decided on
a rummage sale of the soul
we gaze curious and disremembering
on joys and pleasures
pricing them by whim
til all are sold.
We will not sell our pain
at any price.


Time is the burglar to whom we all
open our doors. Casually
we watch him
rummaging through our lives,
examining with his commercial eye
our lives
bits and pieces that are
our lives.
What a puzzlement when he chooses
inconsequential knicknacks
we haven’t looked at in years.
What fear when he scrutinizes
a cherished heirloom of our past,
polished religiously, kept in a place of honor.
What disappointment
when he tosses it aside.
“Take it!”, we want to scream,
“It’s important!”.
Expressionless, he looks at us
and shrugs.