Author: steeleweed

What if

decided to ?
shit ?
in the middle of Fifth Avenue
& 57th Street.
At High Noon.
On a Monday. Imagine
thousands of bare
on the State/state of the world
(and commenting on 5th Avenue and 57th St.)
and making their comments on
5th Avenue
and 57th Street.

I wake up

I wake up in the middle of the night
speaking bad French or mediocre German.
I don’t speak French at all
except when I’m asleep
and little German
at any time
except when I’m angry.
When I’m very angry
I speak Russian.
When I’m absolutely enraged
I shit in English.
there I was
being philosophical in French
and my philosophy
(my French being what it is)
Or rather, it remained unexpressed,
like anger and love and other
things I could mention.
Sometimes I think I do that
deliberately – philosophize in French.
It reminds me how much is
in any tongue.


I urge my roses on,
coaxing reluctant blooms
from bad-tempered stalks.
They naturally resent it and impale me
every chance they get,
but I’m afraid if I left them alone
they’d never bloom again.
What a shock to find one wild in the woods,
covered with a carpet of flowers.
In their own good time…

Still life

Still Life with Lemon
with sour grapes and rue,
with sorrow and tomorrow and you,
with choices
buds never to flower,
an unpassed past,
the future always in the future,
and no Today. No
Living still

They say they care

They say they care, and cynic those like me
who doubt that they are very much concerned.
And then they die and do not care again.
I have seen a thing to haunt my sleep:
Eyes that mourn, in a face too proud to weep.

I will remember

I will remember water and silver and wind
in a pale sky. I witnessed what I saw;
the hand that shapes experience from event,
smiles, tears and silences that spoke,
blood that sang and things unwordable,
the tune that mingles with a woman’s voice
when Love is noun and verb and adjective,
when you and I seem somehow quaintly past
in the unexpected present tense of We.
There is no end to this, for having been,
it will be, as long as memory.
After the storm and sadness of goodbye,
you I remember: water and silver and wind.

The grass is

The grass is
with light
patches connected
yet interrupt
ed and continuously
dis con tin u ous.
Doublesight lightnings with visions
paradoxing grass-and-snow
with the phenomenal uniqueness
of grass
and snow
Things are, in many ways.