I have decided to post chapters of some of my books which are also available for Kindle and for some of my in-progress writing.
These posts will not show up on the Front Page but can accessed via the Writing category on the Menu bar.
In addition to category ‘Writing’ each book has it’s own Category.

Ray Saunders
Blind Pig
   Winds West

Paul Craig Roberts
   Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism
   Tyranny of Good Intentions
   Alienation and the Soviet Economy
   How the Economy Was Lost
   Meltdown: Inside the Soviet Economy
   The New Color Line
   Supply-Sie Revolution:
   Capitalist Revolution in Latin America
   Marx’s theory
   Warren Nutter lectures

Garrett Glass
   Jehoshua: Signs and Wonders(1)

Brian Downing
   The Paths of Glory:
   Military Revolution and Political Change

Don Henry Ford Jr
   Repossessin’ Texas
   The Devil’s Swing
   Ruminations from the Garden
   Cowboy’s Observations on Drugs

Stirling Newberry
   In the Year of Storms
   Tropic of Capricorn

Cheryl K Rofer
   Turning A Problem into a Resource
   Kinetics Experiments and Bench Scale System:
   Kenetics [] methane oxidation []

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