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Big Brother knows what’s good for you …or else…

How dare you eat what you want!

”œPlaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to produce and consume the foods of their choice,” not without permission from government.

In Oklahoma in 2009, a city councilman said during debate on outlawing community gardens: ”œHow do we know what people are going to be growing? Vegetables? Maybe. Or, maybe something else,” he said.

A bit of paranoia here?

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Technology works both ways.

Internet may help or hinder mass movements – and not all mass movements are good.

Key mobile network operators, such as Vodafone, Mobinil and Etisalat, honored the government request and suspended service.

However, other telecommunication companies helped the protesters circumvent the ban. Internet service providers outside Egypt, for example, helped Egyptians use the Speak 2 Tweet function, an application created by Google, Twitter and SayNow that turns voice calls into Twitter updates.

Unrest in Kenya was divided along ethnic and tribal lines. Text messaging was used not necessarily to rally unity, but to broadcast “hate speech” messages, inciting violence against members of opposing tribes.

When Kenyan authorities moved to stop the messages, telecommunications companies refused to comply with the government order.

And the governmental access/control is a dicey thing, eh? Continue reading