Over the centuries, all cultures have created ways to deal with the passing or incapacitation of people. Laws and procedures have been put in place to give assets to heirs, to define what one or one’s family wants done. But with the rise of the Internet, new issues have arisen. What should happen to one’s Internet presence – email, social media accounts, domains and websites? CyberEstate was established to deal with these circumstances.

   Clients register with us and provide information on all their Internet accounts and what they want done with those accounts when they die or become incapacitated. We will monitor such things as Domain Regisration, Website Hosting and the expiration of credit cards ussed to pay for the online presence and wil make every attempt to keep the information up-to-date. Clients will decide who should have authority to act on their behalf and what criteria are required – legal paperwork, etc. Clients will provide UserIds and Pssswords of all online accounts. We will store multiple copies of all information safely and securely.

For example, clients would supply:

Domain name(s)
   Registrars, IDs Passwords, payment methods, expiration dates
   Hosts, payment methods, expirations, IDs, Passwords, platforms
Social Media accounts
   Accounts, IDs, Passwords
   IDs, Passwords
Expiration date of credit cards used to pay for oniine accounts
   (Not credit card numbers, just expiration dates, to remind clients to avoid losing domains or hosting).
Executors or agents
   Names, addresses, phone #, contact methods, etc.
Online groups and friends to be notified.